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We haven’t updated our blog in a long time. We have some big news to share and, also, what I hope will be some encouragement.

After a hard 2017, January 2018 started out with this news: World Team France has closed the position you were going for; other field have been contacted; however, we have no fit for you in World Team at this time.

And with that, the door was closed. Our relationship with World Team was done. We immediately began researching, connecting, and interviewing with other missions organizations that serve full-time in France. Because we are still called. Just because there is no fit with one organization doesn’t mean game-over. We aren’t out yet. God’s Word doesn’t change. The heart of man is fickle, but the heart of God is steadfast. He is faithful to his promise. We are called by God to serve in France.

Through this process, we discovered Pioneers. When we began communication with them, we knew something was up in the spiritual realms. The enemy was riled up. He used many tactics to try to distracted and dissuade us. Yet we saw the hand of God in each step of the way, going before us, caring for us, and providing for us.

Last month we spent a week in Florida at Pioneers headquarters for a missionary candidate assessment/evaluation week. And, WOW, were we blown away by this organization, the staff, every individual we met there. We saw and experience God’s grace and love in such real and tangible ways – it really shouldn’t be so unique in our Christian community, yet sadly it is.

We stayed on Pioneers campus from Saturday-Saturday, and every evening we would put our girls to sleep at 7pm and sit on a bench outside our room. We both talked about how incredible our experience was each day. It wasn’t until the day we had a session on Pioneers’ Core Values that we discovered the term for this wondrous uniqueness. This is what really makes them shine. This is Ethos Of Grace.

Through this week of experiencing Grace, the Holy Spirit convicted and challenged me in this area. I am now consciously striving to life my grace-filled – in how I view myself, how I view others, in the things I do and say.

I just watched this view one and half minute video on Pioneers website on Ethos of Grace. I hope it is an encouragement to you.

OH! Before I sign off, we have officially accepted and are missionaries with Pioneers. Currently pending team allocation. Exciting news!

Ethos of Grace from Pioneers-USA on Vimeo.

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