Partnership Ministry

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As we begin this phrase of missions ministry that we call “Partnership ministry”, you might be wondering what that means.

Some people think of this phase as “deputation”, fundraising, support raising, etc. It can seem like begging for money. An awful means to an end. The thing we begudgedly have to do before we get to the field to do “real ministry”.

This is what our perspective or attitude. Though there is a practical need of financial resources, we know we are functioning in God’s economy. We, however, are view this phase as a ministry in which we seek others to partner with us and with God. It is, after all, His work. We are following Him in obedience to this call, and we  are asking you to pray and seek if He is also calling you to this particular ministry.

Partnership also means to spur each other on, to support and encourage each other in the faith, for the proclamation of the Gospel, so that God’s Glory would be made manifest throughout all the earth.

In this video we should a little bit about this partnership:


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