About Joe & Bethany

We have a passion for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, a passion for His people, and a passion for His Glory to be known!

We believe that the ultimate purpose for our marriage and in our lives in to bring glory to God. Long before the two of us met, God had given each of us a heart for the nations, for missions, for His people. After much prayer, we have decided to step out in faith to pursue this dream of full-time ministry in another land, specially France and possibly expanding further through Western Europe.

From Joe: I had been praying for God’s spirit to revive believers and awaken unbelievers in Western Europe since college days. He brought me to Russia in 1990 to plant seeds of the Gospel where it had been denied for over 73 years. Although Europe was Christianized through the early centuries of the last millennium, in the last century Europe has largely abandoned the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

From Bethany: The Lord opened my eyes to His global mission several years ago, and specifically put France on my heart. I served as missionary intern in Paris in 2010, and during my time there I felt as if I was home, as if I had found the place I was meant to be. He has given me a love and a burden for the French people that even I don’t truly understand. I am incredibly excited that the Lord has called us as a family to go to France, and that He has opened up such a wonderful opportunity for us to serve and use our gifts and skills for His glory!

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