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Thank you for your interest in Partnering with us!

We appreciate your support and prayers as we continue to seek His continued confirmation of His call. “So that all the peoples of the earth may know that the Lord is God and that there is no other.” I Kings 8:60

We need approximately $10,000 in on-going monthly financial support for our long-term service in France. We need 100% of the support commitments before we can begin our work. And we are anxious to begin!

For Donations:

  • To give online by credit card, go to click here to go to Pioneers website. (Our name and account number will be pre-filled for you through this link. All donations through Pioneers are tax-deductible charitable donations.)
  • If you would like to give by check, a response slip and envelope can be provided to you on request.

When all the multitude of men turns blue, we will be FULLY FUNDED!

God has created us all to need each other and depend on each other. We are created for community. Every member of the body has an important role to play. You, my friend, are important to us and to the body of Christ!

When all the multitude of men turns blue, we will be FULLY FUNDED!


There are costs involved before we arrive on the field that we have to cover out-of-pocket (such as additional Bible/Theology classes, support raising classes, and a survey trip to France). If you would like to give a personal gift to help us with these items, we also have set up this PayPal account for donations.

Paypal Donation
Paypal Donation

We are SO thankful to you and the Lord for your continued love and support as we follow Him overseas.

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