Engaging people with God’s mission to France

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Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and goodness to me and our family! By the initiatives of friends, we had appointments with a couple of groups this week to share God's mission in France and invite people to join us on this journey.

Monday 6/5/2023 at Action Home Setters in Richmond, MI. I was invited to speak at a Bible Study at this business by @Chad and @Steve. The owner, Chris, is a strong believer and has created an office space that glorifies Christ. He has opened it up for Bible studies for a few years and the men come from several different churches in the area.

There was much discussion about the spiritual needs in France as well as all of Western Europe. At least one member had extensive knowledge about the history of France and another, Dennis, had been a former missionary to Belgium and spent a little time in France. They nodded along with my presentation and affirmed the genuine need for the Gospel in France and for the church to be strengthened. It felt to me like God was providing the courage and strength for us to keep making the hard choices in missions and for these men to stretch their faith to reach out to their family, friends, and community. Dennis' words confirmed the difficulty to preach the Gospel in Western Europe and affirmed our approach of reaching out personally in the French villages. I also had the privilege of sharing my testimony of God's healing me of cancer and the way He has used it for good throughout my post brain tumor life. Steve and Chad each gave their personal endorsement and the group prayed for us. We're thankful for their fellowship and support. God provided some one-time support through these men onsite and afterwards through our Web site.

Wednesday 6/7/2023 at The Life Church in Warren, MI.

Bethany and I were invited to speak at The Life Church in Warren by @Jessica. We have a few wonderful friends attending this church. I had spoken with Lead Pastor Larry Parker on Tuesday 5/23 for two hours about our ministries, the need in France, our preparations and God's abundant faithfulness!

They had a time of worship and announcements. It was great to hear all the voices of the congregation singing along. We had a sweet introduction from Jessica, our good friend and partner in the Gospel. Then we spoke for the rest of the time and answered questions afterward. Bethany quoted John Piper, "Missions exists because worship doesn't." The Life Church has a strong missions focus and a good understanding of the sacrifice involved in taking our family overseas to live out the Gospel and help the French church grow. I think God's Holy Spirit worked through us and touched many lives. The elders will be discussing how they might become involved with God's mission in France.

I love seeing Bethany speak boldly God's Word and lovingly sharing her own calling, initial reluctance to missions, and obedience to follow God's direction to serve Him in France. So many people related to her reaction years ago, "No, Lord, I don't want to be a missionary". It's so moving for us to see more people respond that they will serve by sending us, praying for us, and connecting us with people they know. Praise the Lord!

I humbly bow my heart in awe and amazement at our glorious God and King!

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