Faithfulness to Persevere

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We live in a very results-driven society here in America. I recently contacted an old friend about our mission to France and was basically berated about the time it has taken us to go to France. He apologized at the end for what may have hurt my feelings. The mind frame of his questions was: If God hasn't taken us there yet then is He really behind the effort to raise support? If France is the desired destination, why not get a job in France? As I gently and respectfully answered his questions, Bethany whispered to me how we were showing perseverance over these years.

Nothing worth pursuing comes without struggle. But we have never given up. We have persevered through struggle. We see God's sovereign hand even in those hard times. We also know that the struggle and perseverance are for our benefit - to prepare us for a lifetime of the hard battlefield of missions.

His ways are not our ways. His timing is not our timing. His way, though hard at times, is perfect and never fails.

The short answers after the call are: This was God's choice to send us to France, God has shown throughout the Bible how He has used people to send others and make His Gospel known. It's His perfect timing (and it's virtually impossible to get work in any European Union nation without being an E.U. citizen).

Later this picture popped up for her on Facebook, which I thought was especially pertinent and true.

How have you persevered in your faith? Please share your thoughts and experiences as a testimony to anyone who reads this blog.

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