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Do you want to contribute to spreading the gospel and planting churches in France?

Becoming a financial partner is one of the most effective ways to help achieve this objective. Through your generous donations, you can ensure that efforts to advance these goals are adequately funded in France.

Your investments can provide essential resources such as training, housing, equipment, and ministry materials. Additionally, your gifts will contribute to supporting our family to thrive in France as individuals dedicated to church establishment and disciple-making. Your financial partnership will also help create a network of like-minded supporters who can continue to provide encouragement for church plantings.

The gospel is powerful, and we believe that the Lord has given us a great opportunity to share it with the people of France. With your help, we can be part of this amazing initiative to reach the people with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Thank you for considering becoming a financial partner to contribute to spreading the gospel and establishing churches in France.

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