‘Mama Bear Apologetics’ + ‘Every Woman a Theologian’ study group

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Last summer I led a group of ladies through Mama Bear Apologetics study. We walked through some difficult topics that are pertinent to living out our faith and raising kids in our current cultural climate.

At the end, several ladies shared how they have been convicted throughout our study, repented of areas where culture dominated, and how they have grown stronger in their faith through our study.

Working through topics of cultural apologetics and theological concepts is part of our growth as disciples. As we work through these topics, we must constantly ask ourselves what Scripture says about the topic and submit ourselves to it. As we grow as disciples, we also grow as disciple-makers. We are women, wives, and mothers, but above all, we are disciples of Jesus. Our goal is to make more disciples of Jesus and live out the Great Commission in our lives.

What a blessing it was to build relationships with other ladies, show hospitality, and grow as disciples of Jesus together!

I'm looking forward to starting a new study in March. We will be working through the new book, "Every Woman a Theologian." (<- click to check out the book on Christianbook.com)

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