Post-France update and prayer requests

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We have now been home from France about a month. I thought I would write a brief update on where we are right now.

The Tuesday after we returned from France Joe started a new job with HP. Though HP isn't his favorite place to work, he took the job because we needed it. During his 2nd week at HP he was offered at job on contract with the State of Michigan. For one week he was working 2 jobs at once (he was trying to quit HP and still be responsible for his projects until a replacement was found.) He is now working solely on contract for the State as a Process Manager - working part time at the office in Lansing and the rest of the time from home (which Ellie and I love!). He is really enjoying the work and the staff is very thankful to have him on board.

We have received and accepted our invitation to join World Team France! We are now beginning the support raising or Partnership Development phase of the process. Our first of four letters went out yesterday - both snail mail and email. We even did a video letter. (Check it out here.)

Ellie and I have resumed attending the Ladies Bible Study every Tuesday morning at our church and we try to have play dates once a week. I try to get us out of the house at least once a day - before the snow comes - for our sanity. I have also become a "Trim Healthy Mama". This dietary and nutritional change has helped tremendously with my thyroid, hormonal and emotional imbalances, and I also have a lot more energy! (We're eating so much better too! Desserts almost every night? Yes please! Healthy, skinny chocolate? Double YES!)

Now that our plans to move to France are firming up, we are beginning to plan out some major repairs to our house so that we can sell it. We are hoping to get the roof replaced before it snows! Then in the Spring we need to repair our foundation. And we are hoping that during the winter we can renovate our downstairs bathroom and make it fully functional (and pretty too!). I'm also working on going through each room of the house and clearing out the junk - sorting, throwing away, selling. Just eliminating the stuff we don't need or use.

Another things on the list to complete before we go to France - My research on my great-great grandfather. One of my goals in life is to write his story and turn it into a movie. It is such a thrilling and adventurous story! I began this research about 10 years ago, and the rest of the research can only be done on location in Michigan. One of the places I need go research is the State Archives/Library in Lansing, which is about two buildings down from Joe's office.

Here's how you can pray for us:

  • that Joe's job will last us until it's time for us to leave!
  • that we can repair our house economically and with good quality
  • that we don't get too stressed or overwhelmed with all that needs to be done
  • for a support team to help us with some of the practice items
  • for babysitters so I can do on-site genealogy research and also home repairs
  • for our healthy during these stressful times and for our marriage that it remains strong

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