Vision Trip Prayer Requests

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All our bags are packed, and we are super excited about this trip! We are flying out tomorrow for our Vision Trip in France. We will spend 10 days visiting the teams there and seeking the Lord's continued confirmation on our life. After years of believing He has called us to missions, this is another step towards seeing that dream realized.

As we double and triple check our packing list and firm up the last minute items, we need your prayers!

Please pray:

  • for Sunday endurance and strength
    • we will be serving on worship team in the morning, which means waking at 5am, and flying to Paris in the evening, arriving around 2AM EST
  • for our flights to and from France
    • that Ellie will do well and sleep well on the plane
  • for physical, emotional, and spiritual endurance and strength
    • we have an enemy. we have experienced and expect to encounter more attacks from our enemy.
  • for God's continued confirmation
  • for relationships to be built with the workers and teammates
  • for our marriage; that we continue to grow together as we pursue His call
  • against jet-lag for all 3 of us, so that we can hit the ground running to make the most of our time
  • for deepened heart for the French people
  • that we come home to a job waiting for Joe

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